Eileen Lang was born in Santa Barbara,California and grew up along its lush undulating coastline. It is the source of Lang's tie to organic form. Training to be a ballerina cultivated an appreciation for fluid motion. An unfortunate injury redirected her creative energies towards painting, thus her work began. Today Lang lives in New York, frequenting the adjacent coastlines and feeling that same bond with the natural world. Whether moving, living, simple or complex, it is incredible how the process of nature can create such masterpieces. This serves to be the source of Eileen’s motivation and inspiration. Lang’s work on photography paper, utilizes unpredictable movements of acrylic, India and sumi ink. These paintings are inspired by the ancient techniques of Far East Suminagashi masters. Both the histories, and results, are fortuitous and mystical. The message of each work is influenced and determined as inks interact on paper, and with the viewer. Individual paintings go unnamed. The intention is to evoke unique feeling and emotion, which is authentic to each viewer, and unbiased. Furthermore, one cannot help but to feel soothed while appreciating the simplicity and naturality of these works, reliving the way inks have mingled as they drift across paper, eventually settling in permanence.

Eileen Lang is a graduate of the University North Carolina School of the Arts.